Frank R. Schmidt

Multilinear Model Estimation with L2-Regularization

Pattern Recognition (Proc. DAGM), Volume 6835, page 81--90 - Aug 2011
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Many challenging computer vision problems can be formulated as a multilinear model. Classical methods like principal component analysis use singular value decomposition to infer model parameters. Although it can solve a given problem easily if all measurements are known this prerequisite is usually violated for computer vision applications. In the current work, a standard tool to estimate singular vectors under incomplete data is reformulated as an energy minimization problem. This admits for a simple and fast gradient descent optimization with guaranteed convergence. Furthermore, the energy function is generalized by introducing an L2-regularization on the parameter space. We show a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the proposed approach on an application from structure-from-motion using synthetic and real image data, and compare it with other works.

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